The volunteers are comprised of citizens who have heard about the AHC and want to help in some way to support their city, state, and country. 

Who are they?

They are people who work for government, have jobs in the private sector, work at universities or non-profits.  Some are teachers, self employed, and parents.  Many of them know someone who is passionate about the regional collaboration concept.

Why do they participate?

The AHC simply provides them with a way to become engaged in the process of really helping their country as private citizens.  They contribute their time and skills to government through the AHC by doing what they are passionate about.

How do they benefit the AHC?

Volunteers help support and carry out the work of the AHC that the states need done by organizing meetings, conference calls and workshops, emails/letters, etc.  Some serve coffee and work the registration desk at events.  Some do web/graphic design. Some facilitate.  Some help carry forward the vision of the AHC.  All are energized by helping their states.