Public Safety Communications & Interoperability

This group has been working together since the creation of the AHC to share information on their statewide interoperability goals, strategies, policies and regulations, governance structures, data interoperability, sustainability of programs, major challenges, IT tools and systems, and lessons learned and best practices.

Comprised of the SWICs (State Wide Interoperability Coordinators) from VA, WV, DC, MD, PA, DE, NJ & NY, this group has conducted numerous workshops and planning meetings since 2007 with their federal partners from DHS & FEMA that have resulted in several specific products being developed:

— Multi-State Regional Interoperability Baseline Capability Assessment (Completed 2010)
— Regional Disaster Communications Project designed to set a regional framework for a 4th generation LTE network that is targeted to improve service availability and offer public safety responders with improved network services during a catastrophe. (Currently underway).