Multi-State Credentialing

Many different public and private organizations have interests and investments in the area of credentialing and access management systems.  As disasters don’t respect state geographic  boundaries, the need to have “interoperability” among public and private credentials across a multi-state area is critical to more effective and coordinated response  and recovery efforts. The need for this interoperability impacts the collective efforts of  professionals in law enforcement, fire/EMS, medical,  and  business operations/continuity.

Several of the AHC’s states have been working with FEMA, the US Departments of Homeland Security’s Science and Technology Directorate,  DHS Office of Infrastructure Protection, the  SLTTGCC (State, Local, Tribal and Territorial Government Coordination Council),  the private sector, and other state/local jurisdictions from around the United States have been working together  in a national working group called the PIV-I/FRAC Technology Transition Working Group.

The mission of this group is to promote the “interoperability” of credentials and standards needed by both the public and private sectors to address the full "spectrum" of credentialing systems and user requirements from both the local, state, regional and the national perspective.

More info: PIV-I FRAC Technology Transition Working Group