NCR (National Capital Region) Communications Interoperability Tabletop Exercise
On May 24, 2012, government members of the National Capital Region (NCR) will conduct an NCR-focused Communications Interoperability Tabletop Exercise in Silver Spring, Maryland as a follow-up to last September’s 2nd Annual Forum and to address some new emerging needs.  The exercise will focus on practical interoperability challenges facing Frederick, Montgomery, Charles, Prince George's Counties, the State of Maryland, and other NCR partners. Successes, as well as gaps, will be documented and serve as support for future funding opportunities, highlight achievements, and illustrate the value of past investments. For more information click here.

Regional Interoperability Forum
The National Capital Region UASI conducted a 2-day Interoperability Forum in September. Specific topics were addressed that featured regional governance for future projects, 700 MgHz strategies, Situational Awareness, GIS, regional radio systems, video integration, CAD/RMS, 911/Next Gen, and Social Media. Partners included National Capital Region UASI members, local county officials, Johns Hopkins University, FEMA, DHS, & U.S. Department of Commerce.

This meeting served many purposes and will support the regional state interoperability coordinators as they plan for the long range regional approach to support broadband applications and capabilities. An after action report is planned for release in November 2011.

Document: 2011 NCR Interoperability Forum  

September 14th - 15th - 2nd National Capital Region (NCR) Interoperability Forum

All Hazards Consortium Regional Capability Assessment (RCA) Webinar
The AHC presented information on the All Hazards Consortium States' Regional Capability Assessment project -- a cooperative effort funded by the Commonwealth of Virginia and the State of Maryland. The assessment project was the result of a workshop recommendation that the states within the region should "Define and share information on existing interoperable capa­bilities, limitations, and options to improve end-users ability to communicate their needs and expectations."
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Regional Public Safety Communications and Interoperability Workshop – September 7–9 Rehoboth, DE
On September 8-9, 2010, the states of the All Hazards Consortiu, in conjunction with FEMA Region III Regional Emergency Communications Coordination Group (RECCWG), will be hosting a Regional Public Safety Communications and Interoperability Workshop.The vision for this workshop is to further the progress that has been made by both the RECCWG and the AHC Interoperability Working Group as the result of prior workshops and meetings, white paper recommendations and results of baseline assessments with actionable next steps.
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