Integrated Planning

Regional Integrated Planning Project Listing
The All Hazards Consortium has been compiling a list of Regional Projects Funded by the States and Urban Areas that are susceptible for Integration with the Private Sector Operators.  

These projects range from systems integration to planning. Over the past 11 months the states have been working together with the private sector operators to meet in Integrated Planning meetings to expose the projects introduce the project teams and explore ways to identify Commercial and Federal Projects which will be identified and cataloged as well.  

This is part of the ongoing Regional Integrated Planning Initiative the states are conducting as part of the AHC Program for 2012. (Overview presentation)  

To view the most recent AHC Regional Integrated Projects list please click on the link below:

Document: AHC Intergrated Project Listing 

The Regional Integrated Systems and Planning Initiative
Launched in January 2011, this regional initiative is designed to focus the AHC and its members on regional integration of the private sector owner/operators into the state/local government's planning process on specific topics and projects. Partners include FEMA, DHS, state/local governments and private sector companies from energy, transportation, telecommunications, food, water, finance, medical, and information technology sectors.  

Video: Integrate Planning Overview

Document: Regional Projects List  

Document: Overview of Initiative  

AHC Regional Integrated Systems and Planning Webinar
This webinar outlined the Regional Integrated Systems and Planning Initiative launched at the March 21-22, 2011 Urban Area Security Initiatives workshop.
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2nd Annual State Border Coordination Workshop, January 25 - 26
The 1st AHC Regional Border Coordination Summit Workshop focused on how the states would coordinate at their borders during a regional catastrophic evacuation of the public. A follow-up Workshop is being planned for January 25-26, 2010 in Gettysburg, PA to drive further into several key topics including communications/interoperability, transportation, mass care and credentialing– check back shortly for details. A summary report from the 2008 summit is available.

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