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    The All Hazards Consortium (AHC) is a state sanctioned 501c3 non-profit organization focused on disaster planning/response, critical infrastructure resilience and business continuity issues on the East Coast of the United States. The AHC includes thousands of representatives of all levels of government and the private sector, representing over 60+million citizens and a significant percentage of the nation’s critical infrastructure.

    The AHC promotes Regional Integrated Planning between multiple states and the private sector “life line sectors” by providing a unique “enabling framework” for honest and open discussions aimed at solving complex operational problems in business continuity, homeland security, emergency management, transportation, food/water, fuel, finance, retail, telecommunications and public safety/law enforcement.

    The AHC addresses key topics facing the public and private sector including:

    ·   Expedited Power/Utility Restoration

    ·   Public Safety Communications (FirstNet)

    ·   Multi-State Fleet/Supply Chain Movement

    ·   Secured Information Sharing w/Private Sector

    ·   Cyber Security

    ·   Operational Social Media Usage

    ·   Critical Infrastructure Resilience

    ·   Economic & Community Resilience

    Through the use of regional public/private working groups, the AHC helps to break down traditional barriers of trust and misunderstandings by focusing on common problems shared by all participants. These working groups then develop a shared perspective on the issues(s) and begin to coordinate their actions on specific public or private sector issues. Benefits include the following:

    • Integrate planning between government and the private sector
    • Education & Training on key sector related issues
    • Conduct joint drills and tabletop exercises to identify joint gaps, projects, plans, agreements
    • Joint solution development to address operational issues via secured information sharing and pilot programs
    • Improve business operations, resilience and reduce risk
    • Promote community and economic resilience


    The private sector owners and operators of the critical infrastructure along with multiple states and urban areas have agreed to continue to conduct annual drills and tabletop exercises along the i95 corridor focus on expediting power restoration and fleet movement efforts across state lines. CATEX 2013 produced significant operational outcomes and processes that helped with the recent snow/ice storms that impacted the East Coast during early 2014.

    To learn more about CATEX 2014, CLICK HERE

The Multi-State Fleet Response Working Group

    The leadership of the Multi-State Fleet Response Working Group, along with its partners from the All Hazards Consortium, the Edison Electric Institute, and its Executive Steering Committee would like to announce the release of their first Annual Report for calendar year 2013.

    This Annual Report provides an overview of the Working Group's activities and accomplishments since its formation in January 2013.

    The report contains information regarding the Working Group’s major accomplishments in 2013 and its strategic objective for 2014. Highlights include:

    - Creating a Regional Integrated Planning Framework

    - Expediting the Canada / US Border crossing process

    - Conducting its first multistate, multi-sector annual exercise called CATEX

    - Creating a new process to expedite power restoration and fleet movement across the Eastern U.S.

    - Receiving national recognition for information sharing between private and public sectors


    To learn more about the Working Group, CLICK HERE



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