How Do We Serve Them

The AHC brings together the “owners of the problem” from government who are responsible for the myriad of issues that threaten citizens across the region in natural and human-made hazards.  The AHC hosts a series of regional meetings and conference calls that bring the states together to focus on specific issues.  Once a common need/priority is identified, one state becomes the sponsor for that issue, and the AHC conducts a regional workshop in cooperation with the sponsoring state, providing the facilitation and documentation of discussions.

An outcome of each workshop is the production of a “regional consensus” white paper which documents needs, issues, best practices, lessons learned and recommendations.  AHC white papers serve as a tool to create awareness and attract additional resources, funding and in-kind donations to support the states in their efforts to do real work that will address the issues and show tangible results (e.g. regional studies/research, pilot projects, proof of concepts, policy development, etc.).

Private sector, university, non-profit and government stakeholders are invited to submit “project ideas” that provide solutions to white paper recommendations, and submissions are vetted by AHC government Working Group members, with approved projects going into a portfolio used to identify new funding resources to support the states.  Multi-state regional projects are being developed in conjunction with federal partners, as coordinating focus and investment on regional efforts is key.