Higher Education

The higher education partners are comprised of universities and related research centers/labs that perform research and projects for the states and federal government.
Who are they?

University of Maryland, Towson University, Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Lab, Penn State University, Fairleigh Dickinson University, Monmouth University, Rutgers University, Delaware State University, George Mason University, VA Commonwealth University, James Madison University, Manhattan Institute, George Washington University, Virginia Tech, West Virginia University, Temple University

Why do they participate?

  • To validate research opportunities
  • To be involved in regional information sharing / discussions
  • To provide research, development, testing and evaluation services to states
  • To assist in white paper development
  • To partner on regional projects and grant requests


  • “The All Hazards Consortium provides academic institutions with immediate access to critical decision-makers in all aspects of the "All Hazards World". Researchers and educators need to have trusted relationships with government personnel responsible for administering homeland security and emergency management programs. Through these relationships, researchers and educators can better understand the problems to be addressed, the curricular content necessary to prepare the next generation of leaders, and have a reality test bed for research solutions that might otherwise be less responsive. Through the work of the AHC, researchers and their Federal, corporate, or foundation sponsors can find opportunities to validate the need for research important to our country's improved all hazard prevention, preparation, response, mitigation, and recovery.” David J. Lindstrom, M.A., CIPP/G Chief Privacy Officer Penn State University AHC Board Member