AHC government partners include state and federal government representatives from all levels and disciplines.  Included in this group are elected officials, their appointed leadership, and the long-term management and first responders who have been addressing the problems of state government for many years.

Who are they?

Multi-agency state / local government leaders from NC, VA, WV, DC, MD, DE, PA, NJ and NY:

    Homeland Security, Emergency Management, Transportation, Public Health, Law Enforcement, Military Affairs, Public Safety, the Legislature, Grants, National Guard, State Police, Fire, EMS, Attorney General,  Agriculture, and Government Affairs, ATAC (Anti-Terrorism Advisory Council)

Federal government representatives from:

    DHS, FEMA, FBI, US Army, US Department of Homeland Security (DHS), DHS - National Infrastructure Coordinating Center, Israeli Foreign Ministry / US Embassy, EPA Region 3, Federal Highway Administration (FHA), DOD, DOI, DOT, DOJ, Pentagon, SSA, TSA, US Attorney General, NASA, DHS National Capital Region, US Dept. of Commerce, US Army Corp of Engineers, US State Department, US Government Accounting Office

Why do they participate?

  • To meet regional peers
  • To hear neighboring state’s lessons learned and best practices
  • To share experiences and information
  • To explore joint regional collaboration efforts
  • To gather ideas and information from private sector, unviersity and non-profit stakeholders