Critical Infrastructure Protection

Multi-State Fleet Response Initiative

This initiative brings critical infrastructure owners and operators from energy, communications, IT and other sectors together with state/local/federal transportation, emergency management, public safety, homeland security and other officials, as appropriate, to discuss the challenges and propose solutions and projects to facilitate and expedite the multi-state transit of mutual assistance with the private sector repair fleets/vehicles to increase speed of restoration of power & telecommunications services within the region.

Historically, the rapid movement of large convoys of mutual assistance resources (e.g. repair trucks and related vehicles) across multiple state/local boundaries to support power & communication response and recovery efforts following major disasters is slowed or disrupted by the need to address and adhere to varying local and state requirements such as stopping at weigh stations or other types of screening. This ongoing project will determine gaps/requirements and possible approaches to resolve challenges facing inter-state fleet movement for the private sector.

To date, an initial meeting was held with the private sector and public officials from PA & NJ. A small Steering Committee was formed by the private sector to oversee the progress. A proposal is being developed for state consideration to further develop the project and next steps. Partners include DHS NPPD/Office of Infrastructure Protection, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, and sector reps from the power, telecommunications, transportation, finance, retail & chemical sectors.

Regional Critical Infrastructure Protection White Paper
Sponsored by CNA Corporation, released November 2007

Regional Critical Infrastructure Protection Workshop held October 2 - 4, 2007
Pennsylvania’s Office of Homeland Security, along with the All Hazards Consortium Board of Directors, facilitated a regional CIP Workshop hosted by the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania at Penn State University on October 2 - 4, 2007.

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