Committee Overview

The Advisory Committee of the All Hazards Consortium is comprised of several different groups.

The role of the AHC Advisory Committee is to provide the Consortium states with a network of leaders from the public and private sectors, higher education, research, non-profit, and volunteer organizations. Viewing issues from multiple perspectives across many states is what makes the AHC such a powerful unique concept. The Advisory Committees provide a place for people at various levels of an organization to participate.

The Executive Advisory Committee brings together the senior leadership from across the region to discuss strategic issues.

The Regional Strategic Advisors Committee is comprised of senior level and mid-level management from organizations across the region to discuss both operational and strategic issues.

The Working Groups bring all stakeholders together to focus on the day-to-day efforts of the Consortium including planning regional multi-state workshops and summit meetings, drafting white papers, and planning the overall calendar of events for the Consortium.

In summary, the Advisory Committee makes up the backbone of the All Hazards Consortium with respect to regional collaboration.